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No.1 for exam success

Bond offers essential practice and support for children aged 5 through to 13 who are sitting the 11+, Common Entrance exams or Key Stage 2 SATs.

  • Focused support for both GL Assessment and CEM 11+ exams
  • Trusted by parents, tutors and prep schools
  • Covers English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning

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More from Bond

Parents' Guide to the 11+

The essential manual for all parents whose children are about to embark on their 11+ journey

Bond Online

Interactive 11+ exam practice suitable for children about to sit the 11+ test.

Bond SATs Skills

A range of resources to help children prepare for Key Stage 2 SATs, including workbooks, test papers and flashcards for children to use at home.

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The Bond series

Assessment Papers

Graded practice to assess pupil's abilities

10 Minute Tests

Bite-sized practice for use at any time - ideal for revision and consolidation

Bond CEM

Practice and guidance for the most demanding 11+ exam

Test Papers

Realistic 11+ timed test papers with full answers

Up to Speed

Practice for pupils not yet working at the level needed for exam success.


More challenging questions to stretch the very brightest pupils.

How to Do 11+

Step-by-step guidance for tackling skill areas for the 11+

Reasoning Puzzles

Reinforcing practice of core logic skills with enjoyable puzzles.

Comprehension Papers

Building comprehension skills for the 11+, Common Entrance examinations and SATs

Focus On

Step-by-step practical guides to answering comprehension questions and developing writing skills

Get Ready for Secondary School

Preparing for the transition from KS2 to KS3 and summer school revision

No Nonsense

Improving general skills in key subject areas


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