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A Measle Stubbs Adventure

Written by Ian Ogilvy, illustrated by Chris Mould

  • Meet Measle Stubbs, the small hero on BIG adventures!
  • Fantastic, fun, adventurous stories with a great hero
  • Quirky black and white illustrations from Chris Mould bring Measle's adventures to life
  • Will appeal to fans of Lemony Snicket, Roald Dahl, and Philip Ardagh
  • eBooks available
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  • ‘ideal fare for seven – to 11‐year olds. Teachers and parents take note: this would make for the perfect, serialised read‐aloud before going home, going to bed or going spare.’

    Michael Rosen, Guardian Review

  • ‘the kind of old‐fashioned tale in which youngsters triumph by being courageous and clever, most grown‐ups are kindly and everything works out well. And there’s always a place in children’s reading for that’

    Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times

  • ‘The writing is perfectly pitched for children aged 9 to 12, with one‐liners and witty jokes that will tickle the ribs of adults too.’

    Daily Express

  • ‘A terrific tale in every sense, a fable. . . that will thrill children of over 8 long before its spectacularly happy ending’

    Amanda Craig, The Times, on The Train Set of Terror

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The Monster of Mucus! - A Measle Stubbs Adventure

The Monster of Mucus! - A Measle Stubbs Adventure

Measle's in a sticky situation in this latest gripping adventure

Author Ian Ogilvy and Illustrator Chris Mould

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Paperback | 03/02/2011

Price:  £5.99

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A Measle Stubbs Adventure