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Pauline Chandler

Pauline Chandler

Pauline Chandler was born in Nottinghamshire. After her student years in London, Pauline became a teacher and now teaches children with special needs. She began to write seriously during a year's break in Cornwall.

Her early short stories were published in local and national magazines. Warrior Girl tells the story of Mariane, cousin to Joan of Arc, an orphan whose parents have been traumatically murdered by the occupying English army. Her voice gone, she has nothing left but the prayer book, badge and ring bequeathed to her by her father.

Besides writing, she enjoys gardens, wild woods, cats and architecture. Pauline lives with her husband in a former Victorian gasworks in Derbyshire. They have three sons; a doctor in California, a guitarist in an up-and-coming rock band, and a chef.

The Mark of Edain is her third novel for Oxford University Press.

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