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Make spelling fun with Oxford Owl

At Oxford Owl we love helping children along the journey to become successful readers and writers. Reading a lot definitely helps children with their spelling but we all know they need to practise as well – especially those tricky words we all have to think about. So, the team behind the Oxford Children’s Dictionaries have created Spell with Pip, a fun spelling game.

Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game

Spell with Pip is an interactive game that is so much fun children won’t even know they are practising their spelling. Pip the parrot

Children help Pip the Parrot get back to his home in the jungle by spelling words correctly, guiding him to the correct letters with their finger.  Along the way, children can earn stars and must try to make sure Pip doesn’t lose his feathers. This game really helps put the fun into practising spelling!  

The app focuses on words children often find hard to spell based on the latest language research and gradually progresses in difficulty through eighteen levels. The words children collect are added to their very own dictionary on the app, encouraging them to explore definitions and language.

The game is for children aged 4-8 and you can set up multiple users so it’s perfect for use in the home or the classroom.

Please note - Spell with Pip is being discontinued and will be removed from the iTunes and Android app stores in August 2017. Users that have already purchased the app will be able to continue to use it but without future support or updates.


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The Year 6 spelling, punctuation and grammar test

If you’re a parent of a child in an English school, you may have heard about the Year 6 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test children will be taking each year in the summer term. Visit the Expert Help section of the Oxford Owl for more information about the test, with a number of short, informative videos and lots of activities to help you support your child at all ages.

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