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Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game

A fun and interactive game to help children aged 4-8 practise their spelling

  • Spell with PipSo much fun children won’t even know they are practising their spelling, as they help Pip the Parrot get back to his home in the jungle.
  • Children will love the vibrant and absorbing gameplay.
  • Focuses on words that children commonly find hard to spell, based on the latest research from the team behind the world-famous, market-leading Oxford Dictionaries for children.

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For iPad and Android
Ages 4-8

Key features

  • Thousands of words to spell.
  • Children can play again and again, earning stars and practising different words each time.
  • Words become gradually more difficult across the eighteen levels.
  • The fun 'arcade-style' game aids the development of hand-eye coordination. Pip the Parrot follows your finger and flies to the letters floating round the screen to collect them.
  • The words that children collect are added to their very own dictionary on the app encouraging children to explore definitions and language.
  • Includes the pronunciation of over 3,000 words from the ‘Oxford First Dictionary’.
  • Suitable for users and learners of either US or UK English.
  • The lively soundtrack can be muted, and audio is not necessary to play the game making it also suitable for those with a hearing impairment.
  • Multiple profiles allow several children to progress through the game at different rates.

Watch this short video to see Spell with Pip in action