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Learning at Home

Jump start your learning journey with the UK's No.1 educational publisher

At Oxford we support parents and children through every stage of their exciting reading and learning journey, from those first steps into numbers, words and shapes, through to independent reading and the transition to secondary school.

Our best-selling home learning series

Read with Oxford

Read with Oxford

An exciting range of levelled readers for children aged 3-8, featuring the much-loved Biff, Chip and Kipper and Julia Donaldson's Songbirds.

Progress with Oxford

Progress with Oxford

A series of fun-packed activity books created to help children practise essential English and maths skills at home.



Essential resources for SATs, 11+ and Common Entrance exams from the No.1 for exam success.

Oxford Dictionaries for Children

Featuring age-appropriate definitions, our dictionaries and thesauruses support a child's development every step of the way.

Read Write Inc. Phonics

Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc. phonics programme teaches reading, writing, and spelling with proven success.

Starting School

Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper First Experiences

Prepare and reassure children facing new situations in a fun and sensitive way.

Numicon at Home

Trusted by teachers and used worldwide, Numicon resources make learning maths fun through games and play.

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Oxford Owl

Free help and support

Oxford Owl is a FREE website built to support you with your child’s learning. You’ll find age-specific reading and maths tips and activities, free eBooks, and lots of fun ideas to really bring your child’s learning to life.

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Build back-to-school confidence

School Year Guides

Find out what you and your child can expect in the year ahead, along with free activities, advice and book recommendations

Starting primary school

Get top tips for helping your child get ready to start school and find out what they will learn in Reception

Secondary school

Find out what your child will be learning when they start secondary school, and browse our book and resources to help their studies at home

Back to school essentials

Oxford School Dictionary

Develop vocabulary and grammar skills with the bestselling Oxford School Dictionary

Read Write Inc. Phonics Flashcards

A fun way to introduce the letters and sounds that make up words

Julia Donaldson’s Songbirds: Bob Bug and Other Stories (Read with Oxford, Stage 1)

Build phonics skills with twelve fun stories from Julia Donaldson

Progress with Oxford: Addition and Subtraction Age 4-5

This activity book will help you child develop core maths skills while having fun!

Bond SATs Skills: Reading Comprehension Workbook Age 8-9

Establish the foundation skills in reading comprehension expected by the National Curriculum and tested in SATs assessments

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