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Being different in Trixie's superpower!

Isadora Moon Summer Fun Activity Book

The must-have summer activity book for fans of Isadora Moon.

Into the Wild

Even in a busy city, the Wild is all around us.

Cleo the Completely Fine Camel

It's okay to say you're not okay!

Isadora Moon Under the Sea

Isadora has been invited to a sleepover under the sea with her mermaid friends, it's so exciting!

Between Night and Day

An unlikely friendship that crosses between the daytime and the night-time worlds.

The Earth's Immense Oceans

This book reveals how oceans work, the creatures that live in them, and how humans have affected the oceans.

The Selfish Crab

A stubbornly selfish hermit crab won't give up his shell.

Move and Play: I Want to be a Lion

Copy Lion as he runs, roars, and pounces on the plains.

Ancient Myths, Legends and Superheroes

A global selection of the stories we tell to make sense the world, where people came from, and why they think the way they do.

50 Words: Bugs

Discover spiders, butterflies, beetles and lots more, and some interesting words to describe them.

Wanna See a Penguin?

Join two friends on a wild penguin chase around the city. Can you spot the penguin hiding on every page?

Wonderfully Watery Books for World Ocean Day

Winnie and Wilbur Under the Sea

Written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by Korky Paul

Super Happy Magic Forest and the Distant Desert

Written and illustrated by Matty Long

Lula and the Sea Monester

Written and illustrated by Alex Latimer

Emerald and the Ocean Parade

Written and illustrated by Harriet Muncaster

The Selfish Crab

Written and illustrated by Anya Glazer

Stella and the Seagull

Written by Georgina Stevens and illustrated by Izzy Burton

Isadora Moon Under the Sea

Written and illustrated by Harriet Muncaster

Noah's Seal

Written and illustrated by Layn Marlow

A selection of our top series

Progress with Oxford

Progress with Oxford

A series of fun-packed activity books created to help children practise essential English and maths skills at home.

Read with Oxford

Read with Oxford

An exciting range of levelled readers for children aged 3-8, featuring the much-loved Biff, Chip and Kipper and Julia Donaldson's Songbirds.



Essential resources for SATs, 11+ and Common Entrance exams from the No.1 for exam success.

Winnie and Wilbur

A multitude of adventures with Winnie the Witch and her black cat, Wilbur.