Cookie Directory A-Z

Cookie Directory A-Z

Cookies used by Oxford University Press websites

You have arrived on this page from the Oxford English Dictionary websites, please look up the website or product from the list below: The following cookies are used by this website:

Strictly Necessary

The Strictly Necessary cookies include:
Cookie Name Description Set By
acctid This cookie is used for user authentication (account ID) Oxford University Press
acctname This cookie is used for user authentication (account name) Oxford University Press
LB-Persist This cookie is used for the load balancer - it links to a specific node in the cluster Oxford University Press


The Functional cookies include:
Cookie Name Description Set By
Cookie Law It is a system cookie, used to implement the Cookie Law. It is set if the user chooses to save cookies in the browser Oxford University Press
localisation It helps Oxford Dictionaries site to provide a localised experience. For example, we may store information in a cookie that is placed on your browser or device so you will see the site in your preferred language. Oxford University Press
oup-cookie Being set when the cookie consent message is displayed. Oxford University Press
resultPageSize This cookie remembers the size of result list pages Oxford University Press


The Performance cookies include:
Cookie Name Description Set By
_u Any cookie which starts with 'u' for Urchin e.g. _utmas, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz. These cookies collect information in an anonymous form. Google Analytics
AWSELB This is used to enable the load balancer to assign a user to a collection server so that the user access to content will not be ballanced across multiple servers but to the specific collection server. This session cookie is random, temporary and only used fr server assignment. Scholarly iQ
mf_lastvisit A cookie for determining the last visit time Mouseflow
mf_session A cookie for identifying the browser session. The information collected is anonymous and includes details of browser type, version and screen size. Basic information collected about the user: IP address, language and time zone together with details of mouse movements, scroll events and key strokes. All details are sent to Mouseflow for analysis but this will never include personably identifiable information. Some data is shared with third parties in summarized form only e.g. usage share of browsers, average screen size. Keystrokes from password fields are not recorded or sent over the network. Mouseflow
mf_user A cookie for checking if the user is new or returning Mouseflow
rememberme Google Plus 1 Google Plus One
SaneID NetInsight tracking cookies, measuring volume, source and nature of traffic in each page. Scholarly iQ

Targeting or Advertising

The Targeting and Advertising cookies include:
Cookie Name Description Set By
Cookie not applicable

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