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Important information for suppliers to OUP

The information provided on this page explains how we process supplier invoices at OUP and what you can do as a supplier to ensure that your invoices are processed more efficiently.

From September 2018, OUP introduced a new system for purchase order and supplier invoice management in the UK. All purchase orders must now be approved before being placed which means that you should only accept requests to supply goods or services to OUP if accompanied by a valid purchase order number.

When we receive invoices from suppliers, they are scanned and loaded into our system so that they may be matched against our record of authorized purchase orders. Where key information is missing or cannot be identified, the invoice is placed in a query queue and payment may be delayed. In order to avoid this and ensure that we can process your invoices efficiently, please consider the guidance set out below and provided in the attached, downloadable reference documents. 

Where to send invoices and credit notes

  • The quickest way to receive payment is to email your invoices and credit notes to:
    Please note that this is an unmanned mailbox for invoices only. For any queries and statements, please see 'Queries about invoices and payments' below.
  • Please do not copy in the Accounts Payable query email address below, or other contact addresses, as this may result in duplicate invoices being loaded to our system, which will cause a delay in processing.

What file format to use

  • Invoices should be sent to the above email address in PDF format only.
  • Create a separate PDF document for each invoice. Please do not embed the invoice within the email body text.
  • You may attach multiple PDF documents to a single email, but please ensure that the total size of the email does not exceed 5MB, which is the limit set on our email server.
  • Please do not use zip folders or other file compression software to include multiple documents.

Information required on invoices and credit notes

Please find below a downloadable zipped folder containing an invoice template and sample invoice that contain all of the required key fields:

Download sample invoice and template pack

Suppliers are welcome to use and adapt these documents to ensure that all key information is provided. Where you supply invoices and credit notes in your own format, the following information must be easily identifiable to prevent delays in processing:

  • Invoice date 

  • Invoice number

  • VAT registration number (where applicable)

  • Supplier name and address: if you use a logo then please ensure that the supplier name is also provided in plain text format within the body of the invoice so that our system is able to read it without difficulty

  • OUP contact email address and/or name

  • Purchase order number: this is the 10 digit number, starting with a 9, supplied by your OUP contact. Please do not add a prefix or suffix to this number as this may cause our automated order number matching process to fail.

  • Currency: ideally, please use the ISO currency format, e.g. GBP for sterling, EUR for Euros, USD for US dollars, etc. If you use a currency symbol only and are charging OUP in dollars then you must also specify the applicable country, e.g. US$

  • Detail of goods or services supplied: specify on separate lines for each item supplied: Description, quantity supplied, unit of measure, unit price and line total

  • Tax amount (where applicable)

  • Total invoice value

Queries about invoices and payments

  • Queries and statements should be sent by email to:

  • Please do not copy in the AP Invoices email address provided at the top of this page.

  • Quote the Purchase Order number that your query relates to, together with your own invoice or credit note number. If you know the vendor ID assigned to you by OUP then include this also.

  • Please do not attach a copy invoice to your query unless you have been specifically asked to do so by a member of the Accounts Payable team. Unrequested copies may lead to duplicate invoices being processed and your payment delayed.

  • Urgent queries should be directed to the Accounts Payable team by phone on +44 (0) 1865 354275. When calling with an urgent query, please be prepared to provide the above information.