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Companion Website

Woods & Wolfe: Rethinking Verb Second

Welcome to the companion website for Rethinking Verb Second, edited by Rebecca Woods and Sam Wolfe.


This material accompanies Chapter 22, ‘Reassessing the historical evidence for embedded Verb Second’ by George Walkden and Hannah Booth. Queries are provided here for the purposes of replication. They were run using CorpusSearch 2. All queries were checked on 5th June 2018. If you have any questions, please contact George Walkden.



Section 22.3:
The additional query files that end in ‘-narrow.q’ do not yield quantitative results that are used anywhere in the chapter, but provide the basis for manual inspection leading to the ‘Of which unambiguous’ column in Table 22.1.
The row for that-clauses is taken from Salvesen & Walkden (2017).

Section 22.5:
The cell in Table 22.3 ‘That, Of which object fronting’ was calculated by manual inspection of the results of thtV2.q, as were the results in Table 22.4.

Section 22.6:
These results are based on the files labelled as DONE in the 5th Feb 2016 version of Beatrice Santorini's historical Yiddish corpus.

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