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Companion Website

Larson: The Matter of Song in Early Modern England

Welcome to the companion website for The Matter of Song in Early Modern England: Texts in and of the Air, by Katherine R. Larson.


Audio tracks

Click the links below to listen to fourteen pieces performed by solo soprano (the author) and lute (Lucas Harris)

Piece number Piece title Composer
1 “My father faine would have mee take a man that hath a beard” Robert Jones
2 Psalm 51 Anon.
3 Psalm 130 Anon.
4 “Bright Aurelia” Charles Coleman
5 “Go thy way” Anon.
6 “If ever hapless woman had a cause” John Bartlet
7 “Mrs. M. E. her Funerall teares for the death of her husband” John Danyel
8 “Come my Lucatia” Henry Lawes
9 “In vaine, faire Cloris Mary Dering
10 “Oh mee, the time is come to part” Anon.
11 “Love grown proud” John Wilson
12 Was I to blame” Alfonso Ferrabosco
13 “Sweet Echo” Henry Lawes
14 “Resound my voice” John Attey


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