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Telling & Duxbury's Planning Law and Procedure: Sixteenth Edition

A note from the author

Subject to there being sufficient material (and there invariably is, with planning law), it is intended that there will be updates posted three times a year, in February, June and October.

This updating material will concentrate mainly on developments in primary and secondary legislation; recent relevant judicial decisions; and additionally, on other matters of topical interest and significance in relation to the subject.

The material will be designed to update and supplement the text of the book, thus each piece of new material will, wherever possible, be linked to the appropriate chapter and paragraph number where the particular topic is discussed in the book.

References to ‘the book’ mean references to Planning Law and Procedure, 16th edition.

Robert Duxbury


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Update 1 - February 2018

Update 2 - June 2018

Update 3 - September 2018

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