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Companion Website

Mathieu & Truswell: Micro-change and Macro-change in Diachronic Syntax

Welcome to the companion website for Micro-change and Macro-change in Diachronic Syntax, edited by Eric Mathieu and Robert Truswell.

Please click the links below to access the supplementary files for the relevant chapters. To download the files for all chapters as a zip file (44.4 MB), please click here.


Chapter 04

Supplementary files for "Diachronic interpretations of word order parameter cohesion" by John Whitman and Yohei Ono.

Chapter 07

Supplementary files for "Modelling interactions between morphosyntactic changes" by Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin.

Chapter 13

Supplementary files for "Persistence as a diagnostic of grammatical status: The case of Middle English negation" by Aaron Ecay and Meredith Tamminga.

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