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Merger Control in the EU: Second Edition
Navarro, Font, Folguera, and Briones

Table of Contents

1 Origin and Objectives of the Community Merger Control System
2 The Meaning of the Concept of Concentration
3 Commission Policy as Regards Joint Ventures Within the Scope of the Merger Regulation
4 Community Dimension
5 Definition of Relevant Market
6 Creation or Reinforcement of an Individual Dominant Position
7 Oligopolies and Collective Dominant Positions
8 Barriers to Entry and Potential Competition
9 Vertical Concentrations and Vertical Aspects of Concentrations
10 Restrictions on Competition in Concentrations: The Application of Article 81 of The EC Treaty to Joint Ventures and Ancillary Restrictions
11 Analysis of Efficiency and Unviability. Decisions Granting Conditional Authorization
12 Procedure in Community Control of Concentrations. Basic Principles. Notifications.
13 Procedure in Community Control of Concentrations: The Commission's Handling of Cases
14 Institutional Issues
15 Jurisdictional Control

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