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Navarro, Font, Folguera, and Briones

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Merger Control in the EU: Second Edition
Navarro, Font, Folguera, and Briones

The new edition of Merger Control in the EU provides an exhaustive analysis of the European Community rules concerning merger control, including the new EC Merger Regulation 139/2004 and the latest interpretive notices adopted by the European Commission. The book draws upon the authors' detailed and practical knowledge of the subject as officials at DG Competition and practitioners specialising in this field.

This website keeps readers up to date with key developments since publication. References have been made in the text or footnotes to expected developments that will be reported and analysed on the website once they are finalised. In particular it includes links to relevant Commission Notices and drafts when they are published. Coverage also includes references to especially important merger decisions, and any other developments of which the authors feel the readers should be made aware. The authors will also provide updating commentary where appropriate.


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