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This form can be used to request permission to reuse, reproduce, digitize or translate excerpts, chapters and images from books published by the Academic Division of Oxford University Press (UK) or Oxford University Press USA.

Requests made using the form can be processed much more swiftly than paper or email requests, saving time and paper.

Please note that we only deal with requests for parts of OUP titles. If you have a request to reprint, translate, or produce an electronic version of a whole book, please select the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

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(If you do not yet have this information, or a close estimate, you should not yet apply for permission. For dramatic performance permissions, give number of shows. For Film/TV permissions, enter ‘1’ and give details of use in ‘Notes’ field below)
Use this field for dates of performances, nature of websites, details of film use or any additional information.

Space has been provided for material from three titles. If you wish to use material from more sources, please enter additional information into the free-text box at the bottom of the form.

Please note that if chapters or images in our books are acknowledged to another source, then OUP will not hold rights and you will need to apply to this original source for permission. If an item is from a JOURNAL you can apply for instant permission via Rightslink, which can be done by clicking the Permissions link on the article page.

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