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Author Reuse and Self-Archiving

As an author of an Oxford University Press title, published by our Academic, Trade, Reference, Science and/or Medical books groups, there are certain rights granted to you in the area of Reuse and Self Archiving. This policy sets out the way in which you, as authors of these titles, may reuse pre and post publication versions of your work for your own teaching, publishing and self-archiving purposes, without the need to obtain written permission from OUP.

Scope of the policy

The specific parameters set out in this policy relate to the following Global Academic Business (GAB) book publishing groups in the UK, US, India and Canada ONLY:

  • Academic
  • Trade
  • Science
  • Medical
  • Reference

This does not cover authors of titles published by the following GAB publishing groups:

  • Higher Education
  • Law
  • Education - Schools/K-12 (Canada), or
  • ELT (Canada)

Requests from these areas will continue to be handled on a case-by-case basis by the book’s editor.

If you are unsure about which division or publishing group is responsible for publishing your title, please contact your Commissioning/Acquiring Editor.

Authors wishing to reuse work that they have published with English Language Teaching (ELT) or Oxford Educational (OE) divisions must contact the respective rights teams directly in order to request permission.


Our Journals publishing group has its own author reuse guidelines which may be found on the homepage of each journal.

Rights Granted

Prior to publication

Prior to publication, you retain the right to make a maximum of one chapter (or article where appropriate) of the original pre-copyedited version of your work available on the following, where necessary:

  • your personal website
  • the website of your employer and/or
  • in pre-print servers (i.e. free public servers of original version articles or other content in your subject area)

This is permitted provided that you acknowledge that the content has been accepted for publication by including an acknowledgement as follows:

This is a draft of a chapter/article that has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press in the forthcoming book [title] by/edited by (Author/editor) due for publication in [year].

After publication Oxford would also ask that you update this record to ensure that the details are accurate, and if possible include links to the OUP catalogue and webpage.

After publication

After publication you may reuse the following portions of your content without obtaining formal permission for the activities expressly listed below:

  • one chapter or up to 10% of the total of your single author or co-authored book,
  • a maximum of one chapter/article from your contribution to an edited book or collection (e.g. Oxford Handbooks),
  • a maximum of one chapter/article of your contribution to an online only, or digital original publication, or
  • three figures/illustrations/tables of your own original work

OUP is pleased to grant this permission for the following uses:

  • posting on your own personal website or in an institutional or subject based repository after a 12 month period for Science and Medical titles and a 24 month period for Academic, Trade and Reference titles;
  • inclusion in scholarly, not-for-profit derivative reuses, (these can include the extension of your contribution to a book-length work, or inclusion in an edited collection of your own work, or any work of which you are an author or editor);
  • reproduction within coursepacks or e-coursepacks for your own teaching purposes, (with the proviso that the coursepacks are not sold for more than the cost of reproduction);
  • inclusion within your thesis or dissertation.

Permission for these reuses is granted on the following conditions:

  • that the material you wish to reuse is your own work and has already been published by OUP;
  • that the intended reuse is for scholarly purposes, for publication by a not-for-profit publisher;
  • that full acknowledgement is made of the original publication stating the specific material reused [pages, figure numbers, etc.], [Title] by/edited by [Author/editor], [year of publication], reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press [link to OUP catalogue if available, or OUP website];
  • In the case of joint-authored works, it is the responsibility of the authors to obtain permission from co-authors for the work to be reuse/republished.
  • that reuse on personal websites and institutional or subject based repositories includes a link to the work as published in an OUP online product (e.g. Oxford Scholarship Online), and/or or to the OUP online catalogue entry; and that the material is not distributed under any kind of Open Access style licences (e.g. Creative Commons) which may affect the Licence between yourself and OUP.

This policy does not cover my intended reuse

If this policy does not cover your intended reuse, either because your material is not published by the subject groups listed above, or falls outside the specific parameters set out here, this does not automatically mean that you will be unable to obtain permission. For all uses not described here, permission may be sought by contacting your Commissioning/Acquiring Editor or by submitting a request via—further details can be found here.

We will aim to process your request within 7-10 working days.

FAQ for authors:

Why do I need permission to reuse my own writing?

Our publishing agreement with you enables OUP to make many investments in your work, including editorial review, copyediting, typesetting, design, printing, coding for electronic publication, marketing, distribution, and securing copyright against piracy and plagiarism. Reuse permission protects these investments.

Because I am using less than 10% of my chapter or book, I do not need formal written permission. How should I word the credit?

We ask that you include this wording: "This material was originally published in [Title] by / edited by [Author / Editor], and has been reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press [link to book within an OUP online product and/or]. For permission to reuse this material, please visit"

I am planning to use a portion of my OUP publication in my thesis or dissertation. Will I be given permission to do so?

Yes. We would appreciate you letting your OUP editor know.

I am planning to use a portion of my OUP publication in a future book. Will I be given permission to do so?

Generally speaking, yes, permission will be granted without charge. We ask that you request formal permission via—further details can be found here.

I retained the copyright to my work when I negotiated my contract with OUP. Do I still need to request permission to reuse my content outside of the conditions set forth above?

Your contract grants OUP the exclusive rights to publish your work. This is independent of who holds copyright and so permission to reuse material may be required regardless of whether you retained copyright.

May I have a .pdf of my book or my chapter?

As a means of protecting against piracy, it is not OUP's policy to send out .pdfs of books or chapters except in extraordinary circumstances.