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Requesting permission for UK & US Books:

If you wish to use material from books published by the Academic Division of Oxford University Press (UK) or Oxford University Press USA you will need to complete the online permissions form. We ask requestors to allow 3-4 weeks for processing of requests.

Before submitting your request please check the following:

  1. You have completed our Request Form in full. Please do not leave out page references, print runs or publisher names as this will delay your request
  2. You have checked the credit line accompanying the material, the Copyright page and/or the Acknowledgements page. – Although Oxford may have published the book from which you want to reproduce material, we may not be the copyright holder of the material you wish to use. This will especially be the case if the requested material is part of an anthology or collected work (e. g. Oxford Book of..)

After submitting the form you will be given an opportunity to send any accompanying materials via email

Please do not send duplicate requests


Oxford University Press works with a number of national Reproductive Rights Organisations (RROs) such as the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) in the US and the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) in the UK, licensing them to grant photocopying and coursepack reuses on our behalf.

Copyright Clearance Center

OUP participates in the CCC's Annual Academic Copyright License, which allows faculty, researchers, and staff to use and distribute published content from millions of works across campus. OUP also participates in the CCC’s Annual Copyright License (ACL), which allows corporate workers to share content across their companies around the world. If your organization is participating in either of these licences, you may reuse content published by OUP.

If your business or academic institution has not signed up for an annual license, you may either order individual rights permissions (such as for coursepacks, e-reserves or marketing uses) on a pay-per-use basis, or sign up to obtain an annual license by contacting the CCC directly. For full details, please visit or contact the CCC's licensing team at

Copyright Licensing Agency

OUP also works with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) in the UK, to grant photocopying and coursepack reuses for a variety of markets and purposes. For further information on the range of available licences and their terms and conditions, please visit or contact them at

If having contacted the CCC or the CLA you are unable to obtain the rights you require, please request permission from us directly by filling in our online permissions request form (see above)

Requesting permission from other OUP divisions:

For permission to use material from titles published outside OUP's Academic Division or Oxford University Press USA, please contact the relevant departments:

Sheet music and hymn books

Educational and Children's books

English Language teaching books

Publications outside the UK/USA:

For permission to use material from titles originally published outside the UK or the USA please contact the appropriate Oxford University Press office.

As a guide the originating office can be identified from the ISBN as indicated below.

019540000 - 019549999    Canada
019550000 - 019557999    Australia
019558000 - 019559999    New Zealand
019560000 - 019569999    India
019570000 - 019571999    South Africa
019572000 - 019574999    Kenya
019575000 - 019576999    Nigeria
019577000 - 019579999    Pakistan  
019580000 - 019635999    Malaysia & Singapore
019580000 - 019635999    India
019647000 - 019699999    New Zealand
019978000 - 019999999    Nigeria