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Printing, copying, and reproduction

Reproduction of part or all of a musical work or a text in graphic form, either on paper, or in electronic format. This right is sometimes referred to as graphic reproduction.

Examples of frequent requests include:

  • Photocopying licences for pieces that are not available to buy separately
  • Inclusion of our hymn texts in Order of Service sheets or bulletins
  • Inclusion of our materials in music folios, text books, and other third-party publications
  • Inclusion of our materials in dissertations, theses, and journal articles

OUP strives to make its music publications available through licensing in formats accessible to visually impaired people. Please note that we are unable to supply digital files.  Please contact for more information.


UK and Rest of World (excluding USA and Canada)

Please complete the relevant form:

Photocopying Request Form

Print Request Form

Dissertation/Thesis/Journal Request Form

USA and Canada

For print, copying, and reproduction licence requests please contact our licensing agent, C. F. Peters
For dissertation/journal requests please complete the Dissertation/Thesis/Journal Request Form