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Publisher Services Resource Center

Oxford University Press's Publisher Services group specializes in distribution for university presses and other publishers with an academic mission. Arrangements can vary from simple client fulfillment to a full services package, including sales and marketing. For each unique partnership, the Publisher Services staff provides the highest level of dedicated service, and is always on hand to answer client questions, create specific reports, arrange meetings with key Oxford University Press staff, coordinate special shipping, and manage anything else partners may need.

Publisher Services currently works with 24 other publishers and the business continues to grow.

A Dedicated Publisher Services Department

  • A central hub for day-to-day issues and concerns
  • A manageable scale that allows us to pay close attention to our partners' goals and handle workflows more efficiently
  • Regular, customized reporting and forums ensure client satisfaction
  • Quarterly sales meetings
  • Annual business reviews
  • Help with all systems training and IT concerns 

To find out how we can help you, please contact us.