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Who Should We Treat?

Rights, Rationing, and Resources in the NHS

Second Edition

Christopher Newdick

  • Considers immensely topical issues such as the treatment of the elderly and the terminally ill, and healthcare rationing
  • Considers patients' rights in their real-world political, economic, and managerial context
  • Explans how the NHS has grappled with a question that has baffled policy-makers since 1948
  • Written accessibly for medical and health management students, NHS management, and health lawyers by a specialist with practical knowledge of the NHS
  • New to this Edition · This edition is substantially re-written. It discusses the implications of the Bristol Inquiry and the conviction of Harold Shipman which have helped to re-draw the landscape of the NHS. · Discusses how markets and incentive schemes have become endemic to the NHS and the new regulators that have been created to monitor and control doctors and NHS managers. · Traces the recent successes of patients in promoting their rights to health care.

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