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Synthetic Biology

Editor-in-Chief Jean Peccoud

Synthetic Biology is a new open access journal which covers all aspects of synthetic biology; including papers on the mathematical modelling and practical engineering in the field.

This includes genetic circuit design, computational methods, genetic systems and circuit design, viral engineering, cell design and construction, assembly platforms, DNA synthesis, synthetic metagenomics, pathway construction, gene optimization, protein engineering, metabolic engineering, programmed evolution, cellular manufacturing, mathematical modelling and engineering processes.

The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for original research papers, reviews, commentaries, reports on practical projects, and a venue for in-depth discussion on the topics relevant to synthetic biology.

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Jean Peccoud is the Abell chair in synthetic biology in the Department of Chemical & Biological engineering at Colorado State. In his current role Prof. Peccoud combines computational biology and cell biology efforts to develop predictive models of the phenotype encoded in natural and synthetic DNA sequences. Prof. Peccoud is also the founder of GenoFAB, LLC which provides genetic design services and training to biotechnology companies in order to optimize the expression of their genes of interest.

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