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Seamus Heaney and the Adequacy of Poetry

John Dennison

  • The first ever study of the development of Seamus Heaney's prose poetics, this volume offers the most complete examination of the origins, shape, and character of his thought
  • The first book-length study of Heaney's central theme: the adequacy of poetry
  • Argues, uniquely, that Heaney's mature thought constitutes an after-image of Christian doctrine, describing the pertinence of his ambivalent ideal, the 'totally adequate' poem
  • Examines Heaney's revisions to previously published prose, hitherto entirely overlooked by critics
  • Uses unpublished archival materials to demonstrate the development and shape of Heaney's thought
  • Settles considerable confusion around the character, structure, and commitment of Heaney's thought, clearly describing the nature of his poetics.