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Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society

Editors: Iain G. Gordon and James Wright

Published on behalf of: London Mathematical Society

The Proceedings, Journal and Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society are among the world's leading mathematical research periodicals. They share a common Editorial Advisory Board, with shorter papers going to the Bulletin, those of middling length to the Journal, and longer papers to the Proceedings.
Subject coverage of the LMS periodicals ranges across a broad spectrum of mathematics, covering the whole of pure mathematics together with some more applied areas of analysis, mathematical physics, theoretical computer science, probability, and statistics.
The London Mathematical SocietyThe London Mathematical Society began publishing research papers in 1865 and over time it has published the best of British mathematics having developed an internationally renowned reputation as one of the best publishers of high quality mathematics in the world today. The journals attract authors from over 80 countries and the number of papers submitted has grown enormously in recent years

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