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Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Editor: Christopher Allsop and Managing Editor: Cameron Hepburn

Published on behalf of: The Oxford Review of Economic Policy Ltd

The Oxford Review of Economic Policy is a refereed journal which is published quarterly. Each issue concentrates on a current theme in economic policy, with a balance between macro- and microeconomics, and comprises an assessment and a number of articles. It gives a valuable appraisal of economic policies worldwide. While the analysis is challenging and at the forefront of current thinking, articles are presented in non-technical language to make them readily accessible to all readers. The Oxford Review is aimed at a wide audience including government, business and policy-makers, as well as academics and students. It is required reading for those who need to know where research is leading. From its inception in 1985, the Oxford Review has attracted contributions from renowned academics, including Willem Buiter, Partha Dasgupta, Barry Eichengreen, Richard Freeman, David Hendry, Paul Krugman, Stephen Nickell, Joseph Stiglitz, John Taylor and Robert Solow.

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