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Now Available! - A new series of legal monograph collections featuring top titles for global practitioners and researchers

Oxford Legal Research Library

Bringing you one step closer to the perfect research solution

  • The most authoritative and comprehensive collection of leading legal monographs and legal reference works online, providing a comprehensive and cross-resource research experience
  • Integrated access to leading reference works by subject specialists
  • Cross searching and title browsing across included titles, with the option to search by jurisdiction and subject area
  • Drill-down key word searching from a shared index of all titles available in the collection
  • Extensive linking through the Oxford Law Citator to information about cases and other primary materials, including integration with other key services including Investment Claims, Oxford Competition Law, and Oxford Public International Law
  • Frequent updates to current content, with new works and editions added to each collection as they are published ensuring that OLRL remains a current and authoritative resource

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