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Oxford Bibliographies in International Law offers exclusive, authoritative research guides that combine the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia.

Oxford Bibliographies in International Law

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Editor in Chief: Anthony Carty

  • Concise treatment of large topics such as "Peacekeeping" or "Human Rights" to quickly get you up to speed on topics outside of your area of expertise
  • Entries define the concepts necessary for legal aspects of international problems while not using overly technical language
  • Entries locate the leading literature in a selective way providing signposts to diffuse multilingual literature
  • Entries provide a critical reflection on the literature and invite the reader to engage material.
  • Entries explain the interaction and prioritization of concepts rather than a simple list of topics
  • Ensures coordination of the contributors through a tight network of editors to avoid fragmentation of the legal knowledge surrounding the subject of International Law
  • Expert recommendation on the best works available in International Law whether it be a chapter, a book, a journal article, a Website, blog, or data set streamline the research process