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  • High-level overviews of scholarship written by top names in the field get researchers and faculty up to speed quickly on topics beyond an area of expertise
  • Expert recommendations on the best works available with seamless links to full-text print and online content -- save faculty time in classroom syllabus and reading list preparation
  • A first stop for new research, for text to incorporate into a course, and an indispensable supplement for faculty to use alongside course texts
  • Scholarly articles provide narrative pathways through the key literature on a topic, offering a trustworthy starting point for student research
  • Multiple peer reviews and Editorial Board vetting ensure that students are direct to resources with scholarly accuracy and objectivity
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive linking saves valuable research time by directing students to exactly the right chapter, book, Website, archive, or data set they need to their research
  • Promotes critical thinking about sources and gives students the means to negotiate and identify quality scholarship