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New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry

Edited by Michael Gelder, Nancy Andreasen, Juan Lopez-Ibor, and John Geddes

Oxford Textbook

  • Winner of First Prize in the mental health category at the BMA awards. An established and highly-praised textbook of psychiatry
  • Written and edited by the foremost international authorities
  • Integrates biological, psychological, and social approaches, providing the broadest possible coverage of the field
  • Extensive coverage of child and adolescent psychiatry, old age psychiatry, intellectual disability, and forensic psychiatry, in addition to all aspects of general psychiatry
  • Sections on treatment combine an evidence-based approach with practical advice based on extensive clinical experience

New to this Edition:

  • John Geddes, a leading authority on evidence-based practice in psychiatry, joins the editor team
  • Many chapters from the first edition have been completely revised and 50 chapters are by new authors
  • The sections on forensic psychiatry and on psychology as a basic science have been expanded
  • Among the new chapters are new entries on Stigma and discrimination, and on Values-based practice

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