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Molecular Plant

Editor-in-Chief: Sheng Luan

Published on behalf of: IPPE, SIBS, CAS and Chinese Society for Plant Biology (CSPB)

Molecular Plant is an international journal that publishes significant findings in plant biology, focusing broadly on cellular biology, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, development, and evolution.
The journal features a strong international editorial board and is set to become a top-tier journal in the field, using rigorous review to limit the journal to papers that provide novel insights of high impact. The editors particularly encourage submissions of original research that is highly novel but not necessarily fully-developed. Contributions may comprise Research Articles, Review Articles, Methods, Editorials, and Commentaries.
To set the standard for its future, most of the papers published in Molecular Plant's first two years were commissioned by editorial members and published in Special Issues on particularly exciting and important topics in current plant biology.

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