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Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies

Editors: David Enoch and Alon Harel

Published on behalf of: Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, published by Oxford University Press in association with the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a law journal dedicated to in-depth discussions of important studies of and in law. Each issue consists of several symposia on a book or a research project, which entail critical comments by commentators and a response by the person whose research project it is.
The JRLS engages books and other research projects in all methodological disciplines of legal theory, and of all legal areas. The projects discussed are chosen by the editors based on their importance, theoretical significance, interest, and influence. The JRLS ensures that the selection of commentators is such as to encourage critical examination of the relevant work both from within the relevant sub-discipline, and from related fields and sub-disciplines.

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