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Oxford Legal Research Library - International Commercial Arbitration

  • The initial launch collection for International Commercial Arbitration consists of 17 practitioner titles, including Redfern & Hunter, and McLachlan, Shore & Weiniger, as well as the Caron & Caplan Commentary.
  • Each collection provides integrated access to leading reference works by specialists and experts in a particular area of practice.
  • Allows the user to search and browse across the full set of titles or to drill down into particular topics and check for relevant coverage using key word terms from an over-arching subject taxonomy which provides a shared index to all of the titles in the collection.
  • New works and new editions on international commercial arbitration will be added to each collection as they are published ensuring that the service remains a current and authoritative resource.
  • The service offers extensive linking through the Oxford Law Citator to information about cases and other primary materials, as well as secondary sources, and provides integration with other key services including Investment Claims, and Oxford Public International Law.

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