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IMA Journal of Management Mathematics

Editors: Professor Rogemar S Mamon, Professor P Scarf, and Professor Aris A Syntetos

Published on behalf of: Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

The mission of the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics is to publish original, high quality mathematical research that will have a significant impact on the theory and practice of business, finance, management, and policy making.
Regular articles accepted for publication in the journal must have clear implications for managers and decision makers based upon rigorous mathematical research. Such implications should be explicitly stated in the article. The journal also publishes novel meta-analyses of the literature, and developments of and comments upon studies in past articles. A manuscript accepted for publication meets at least one of the following characteristics: it contains innovative mathematics; it describes a genuine application of mathematics to a real problem; it reviews the "state-of-the art" in a manner that provides new insight; it presents a (discrete or continuous) simulation study in a highly rigorous manner.

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