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Genome Biology and Evolution

Editor-in-Chief: Adam Eyre-Walker and Laura A. Katz

Published on behalf of: Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

Genome Biology and Evolution (GBE) publishes leading original research at the interface between evolutionary biology and genomics. Papers considered for publication report novel evolutionary findings that concern natural genome diversity, population genomics, the structure, function, organisation and expression of genomes, comparative genomics, proteomics, and environmental genomic interactions. Major evolutionary insights from the fields of computational biology, structural biology, developmental biology, and cell biology are also considered, as are theoretical advances in the field of genome evolution. GBE's scope embraces genome-wide evolutionary investigations at all taxonomic levels and for all forms of life - within populations or across domains. Its aims are to further the understanding of genomes in their evolutionary context and further the understanding of evolution from a genome-wide perspective.

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