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FEMS Microbiology Letters

Editor-in-Chief Rich Boden

FEMS Microbiology Letters gives priority to concise papers that merit rapid publication by virtue of their originality, general interest and contribution to new developments in microbiology. All aspects of microbiology, including virology, are covered. Areas of special interest include: physiology, biochemistry and genetics (including molecular biology and 'omic' studies); biotechnology and synthetic biology; pathogenicity (including medical, veterinary and plant pathogens - particularly those relating to food security); environmental microbiology (including ecophysiology, ecogenomics and meta-omic studies); virology; food microbiology (from food production and spoilage to food-borne pathogens); taxonomy and systematics (including publication of novel species and taxonomic reclassifications), and professional development (including education, training, CPD, research assessment frameworks, research metrics, best-practice and history of microbiology). Our scope includes any type of microorganism - all members of the Bacteria and the Archaea and microbial members of the Eukarya (yeasts, filamentous fungi, microbial algae, protozoa, oomycetes, myxomycetes, etc.) and all viruses. In addition, the journal publishes short Commentaries and Perspectives on topical issues in microbiology. Letters to the Editor are brief communications focusing on an article that has been published in the journal within the previous six months.

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