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Impact Factor: 1.321

Online ISSN: 1554-2815

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European Heart Journal Supplements - The Heart of the Matter

Editor in chief Roberto Ferrari
Associate editor Francisco Fernandez-Aviles , Associate editor Jeroen Bax , Associate editor Michael Bohm , Associate editor Frank Ruschitzka , and Associate editor Thomas F. Luscher

Published on behalf of: European Society of Cardiology

The European Heart Journal Supplements (EHJs) is a long standing member of the ESC journal Family that serves as a publication medium for supplemental issues of the flagship European Heart Journal. Traditionally EHJs published a broad range of articles from symposia to special issues on specific topics of interest. The Journal has a strong impact factor that reflects the quality of the content and the broad scope of articles published over the years.

The new Editor-in-Chief for EHJs is now Professor Roberto Ferrari. Together with his team of eminent Associate Editors; Professor Francisco Fernández-Avilés, Professors Jeroen Bax, Michael Böhm, Frank Ruschitzka, and Thomas Lüscher from the European Heart Journal, Professor Ferrari has implemented a change of focus for the journal. This entirely refreshed version of the European Heart Journal Supplements now bears the subtitle the Heart of the Matter to give recognition to the focus the journal now has.

The EHJs the Heart of the Matter intends to offer a dedicated, scientific space for the ESC, Institutions, National and Affiliate Societies, Associations, Working Groups and Councils the opportunity to disseminate their important successes globally.

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