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Published: 04 October 2013

784 Pages

7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

ISBN: 9780199946792

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Disputed Moral Issues

A Reader

Third Edition

Mark Timmons

New to this Edition:

  • A new chapter on the Ethics of Immigration that features 4 important articles on the topic. Since issues relating to immigration have become a much-discussed and debated issue in the media, the chapter will offer students an awareness of the ethical questions and issues this topic raises.
  • 18 new selections, including 5 new articles on War, Terrorism, and Torture.
  • A new selection from John Rawls' A Theory of Justice in Chapter 2 about moral theory.
  • New selections by Frances Kamm and by Peter Singer on the ethics of enhancement. Both articles, in different ways, represent a reply to Michael Sandel's well-known article, "The Ethics of Perfection," which appears in all 3 editions of this book.
  • An updated Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide chapter with improved articles. In addition to the classic by James Rachels (from previous editions), additions include: Philippa Foot's "Killing and Letting Die" that responds to Rachels, as well as recent articles by Daniel Callahan "A Case Against Euthanasia," and Michael B. Gill's "A Moral Defense of Oregon's Physician-Assisted Suicide Law."
  • Two new articles on racism: J. L. A. Garcia's "The Heart of Racism" and Tommie Shelby's reply: "Is Racism in the Heart?"
  • A new article defending the wrongness of abortion (which replaces the selection by Pope John Paul from previous editions): Patrick Lee and Robert P. George, "The Wrong of Abortion."