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2022 syllabus now available

Blackstone's Police Q&As Online

Paul Connor, John Watson, and Huw Smart

Blackstone's Police Manuals

  • 'Type A' exam-style questions - an ideal way to test your knowledge in all four exam areas
  • The service is revised annually alongside the Blackstone's Police Manuals
  • All the material you need to pass your promotion exams - now accessible from any PC, iOS, or Android device
  • Range of study options: answer as many questions as you like from a single subject area or a mixture, or choose a quarter-, half- or full mock exam from across all areas
  • Answers are all clearly explained to highlight any gaps or weaknesses in your knowledge
  • Answers are fully cross-referenced to the Blackstone's Police Manuals so you can easily go back and revise the relevant subject area
  • Gain detailed feedback on your performance and a full user history - learn where your areas of strength and weakness lie, and channel your revision into the most relevant areas of the syllabus

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