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2022 syllabus now available

Blackstone's Police Manuals Online

Paul Connor, David Johnston, Glenn Hutton, Gavin McKinnon, and John Watson

Blackstone's Police Manuals

  • The only study guide to be endorsed by the College of Policing
  • Optimised online access to the complete text of all four Blackstone's Police Manuals
  • All the material you need to pass your promotion exams - now accessible from any PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device
  • Quick search across all four Manuals by subject area, legislation, case name, or consolidated A-Z index
  • Six PACE Codes of Practice chapters presenting the legislation alongside helpful Keynotes
  • Extensive cross-referencing ensures you can easily revise all relevant subject areas together
  • Fully updated every October in line with the new exam syllabus

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