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Published: 27 February 1975

Duration: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy - Moderately Difficult

ISBN: 9780193380912

Heinrich Schütz
Edited by Paul Steinitz

Alleluia Lobet den Herren (Alleluia, Worship Jehovah)

Psalm 150

Vocal and instrumental scores and parts on hire

Forces or Category: Eight solo voices & double choir with instruments

Orchestration: Choir I: vln I/cornetto I, vln II/cornetto II, vln III/cornetto III, tpt I, tpt II, tpt III, tbn/bn, tbn/bn/bass Choir II: vln/cornetto/fl (rec), tpt, tbn I/bn I, tbn II/bn II, tbn III/bn III, tbn/bn/bass/continuo

for eight solo voices and double choir with instruments