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African American Studies Center

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

  • More than 10,000 articles from major Oxford reference works cover all aspects of the African American past, giving students comprehensive, authoritative coverage of the field in one easy-to-use resource
  • 400+ primary source documents offer excellent raw material for historical research projects, including slave narratives, patent records for African American inventors, and speeches by President Barack Obama
  • Straightforward interface, wide range of search and browse options, and extensive cross references make the site user-friendly for researchers of multiple skill levels
  • Carefully selected links to trustworthy external websites put students in the driver's seat to facilitate well-sourced independent research
  • Thematic guides and timelines, plus over 2,500 searchable images and multimedia resources, support visual learners and make the site accessible to all levels of readership
  • Lesson plans to serve as course development tools, aid lecture preparation, stimulate ideas, or supplement and enhance existing syllabi
  • New and updated content added regularly, including the latest biographies from the African American National biography project, keeps your syllabus on the cutting edge with the most current thinking by top scholars in African American studies

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