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OUP Open Access Book titles

The following titles have been made available as open access publications under a Creative Commons licence. As open access publications, these books are free to read and download on OUP online platforms as well as from OAPEN and Google Books. You can see a filtered results list of all the open access books on the Oxford Academic platform here and the open access status of titles is also flagged in our complete online product title lists which are downloadable in spreadsheet form from here.

An open access PDF version of each title is also available to download from the product page from our website. This version is free to read and share according to the terms of the applicable Creative Commons licence. Please note that third party materials included in a title may not be covered by the Creative Commons licence and remain subject to rights restrictions, in which case permission for any reuse of this material should be sought from the rights holder. Print versions of open access titles are also available to purchase from the OUP website and resellers.