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Librarians, or central resource coordinators, can use this form to apply for a 30 day institutional free trial of up to 3 of our online products, and to request price quotations. Please complete the relevant sections below, then press the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page.

Please note we reserve the right to refuse requests for trials, and that free trials are not available to individuals.

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Reference and dictionaries
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Oxford English Dictionary Online
Oxford Dictionaries
Oxford Reference Online Premium
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Who's Who
Who's Who & Who Was Who
American National Biography Online
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
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Encyclopedia of Social Work
Oxford Classical Dictionary
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion
Scholarly resources
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Oxford Scholarly Editions Online
Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Handbooks Online
Oxford Bibliographies
Oxford World's Classics
University Press Scholarship Online
Very Short Introductions
What Everyone Needs to Know®
Subject reference
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Grove Art Online at Oxford Art Online
Benezit Dictionary of Artists Online
Grove Music Online at Oxford Music Online
Oxford History of Western Music
Electronic Enlightenment
SIPRI Yearbook Online
Oxford African American Studies Center
Online resources in Law
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Investment Claims
The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online
Oxford Reports on International Law
Oxford Competition Law
Oxford Constitutions of the World
Oxford Legal Research Library
Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law
Oxford Historical Treaties
Online Resources for Policing
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Blackstone's Police Manuals Online
Blackstone's Police Q&As Online
Blackstone's Police Manuals and Q&As Combined
Online resources in Medicine
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Oxford Medicine Online
AMA Manual of Style Online
Oxford Clinical Psychology
The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine Online
The ESC Textbook of Intensive and Acute Cardiac Care Online
The ESC Textbook of Echocardiography Online
Oxford Medical and Nursing Handbooks Online
Oxford Textbook of Medicine Online
Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine Online
Oxford Textbook of Public Health Online
Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics Online
Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology & Diabetes Online
Oxford Textbook of Heart Failure Online
Oxford Textbook of Interventional Cardiology Online
Oxford Textbook of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention Online
Oxford Textbook of Women and Mental Health Online
Oxford Textbook of Zoonoses Online
Oxford Textbook of Anaesthesia for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Online
Brain's Diseases of the Nervous System Online
Oxford Textbook of Community Mental Health Online
Oxford Medical Libraries Online
Oxford Specialist Handbooks Online
Oxford Desk References Online
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