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Cover for 9780199899913

Benezit Dictionary of Artists

A foundational tool for the study of Art History

Valerie Cassel Oliver

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190877903

Body Image Care for Cancer Patients

Principles and Practice

Michelle Cororve Fingeret and Irene Teo

Online Resource

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Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East

Raffaella A. Del Sarto

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199965274

Brain Architecture

Larry W. Swanson

Online Resource

Cover for 9780191780523

Brain's Diseases of the Nervous System

Michael Donaghy

Online Resource

Cover for 9780197520321


The Politics of UK Rap in the New Century

Justin A. Williams

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190221638

Cajal and de Castro's Neurohistological Methods

Miguel A Merchán, Javier De Felipe, and Fernando de Castro

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Cover for 9780190884550

Cardiac Anesthesia: A Problem Based Learning Approach

Mohammed Minhaj and Magdalena Anitescu

Online Resource
Anaesthesiology: A Problem Based Learning Approach

Cover for 9780190082529

Cardiothoracic Critical Care

Brigid Flynn, Natalia S. Ivascu, Vivek K. Moitra...

Online Resource
What Do I Do Now Critical Care

Cover for 9780197600504

Chants, Hypertext, and Prosulas

Re-texting the Proper of the Mass in Beneventan Manuscripts

Luisa Nardini

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199975303

Chromosome Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling

Fourth Edition

R.J.M Gardner, Grant R Sutherland, and Lisa G. Shaffer

Online Resource
Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics

Cover for 9780191780394

Clinical Cardiology: Current Practice Guidelines

Demosthenes Katritsis, A. John Camm, and Bernard J. Gersh

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190933456

Clinical Psychopharmacology

Principles and Practice

S. Nassir Ghaemi

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199975297

Common Malformations

Lewis B. Holmes

Online Resource

Cover for 9780191895999

Conspiracy Literature in Early Renaissance Italy

Historiography and Princely Ideology

Marta Celati

Online Resource
Oxford Modern Languages and Literature Monographs

Cover for 9780190940737

Crude Intentions

How Oil Corruption Contaminates the World

Alexandra Gillies

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190938789

Dancing Women

Choreographing Corporeal Histories of Hindi Cinema

Usha Iyer

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190647247

Deep Brain Stimulation

A Case-based Approach

Shilpa Chitnis, Pravin Khemani, and Michael S. Okun

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190929497

Deprescribing in Psychiatry

Swapnil Gupta, John Cahill, and Rebecca Miller

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Cover for 9780190929602


Madhukar H. Trivedi and Steven M. Strakowski

Online Resource
Primer On

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