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"For medical writers and editors, the
AMA Manual of Style remains the unrivaled point of departure."

 - Susan Hesse, Copyediting

Save 30% on the must-have guide for anyone involved in medical and scientific publishing!

Friday, November 29th – Friday, January 10

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The AMA Manual of Style Online helps you save time:

  • Search the full-text of the print book – plus online only updates
  • Save annotations, favorite chapters, and commonly used searches within a personalization area, to quickly access in future sessions
  • Content the way you want it – on-screen, printer-friendly view, or download to PDF
  • Download diagrams, tables, and charts to PDF or PowerPoint slides
  • Share content via email, print, or social media
  • Convert units of measure quickly with the interactive SI Conversion calculator


Perfect for anyone needing to produce a well-organized and clear manuscript, take advantage of this offer today!

**This offer is only available for new subscribing customers in North and South America for the first year subscription and is not valid for renewals. Offer ends January 10, 2014.