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Music Theory Spectrum joins Oxford University Press Journals Program

Released on May 13, 2014

The Society for Music Theory is pleased to announce its partnership with Oxford University Press (OUP) to publish their journal, Music Theory Spectrum.

As a leading journal in the field, Music Theory Spectrum features articles on a wide range of topics in music theory and analysis, including aesthetics, critical theory and hermeneutics, history of theory, post-tonal theory, linear analysis, rhythm, music cognition, and the analysis of popular musics.  Interdisciplinary articles revealing intersections with topics in other fields such as ethnomusicology, mathematics, musicology, philosophy, psychology, and performance are welcome.

Suzanne Ryan, Executive Editor for Music, commented:

"Oxford University Press has long been a proud home for book publishing in music theory, and it is a privilege to support the significant work that is being done—both essential, foundational scholarship and research that breaks ground in critical new directions. It is a time of exciting and innovative growth in the field, as theorists look back over the centuries, across cultures, and deep into the workings of the human mind. Oxford will continue to work alongside scholars in this expanding field, supporting and showcasing their finest research in the publishing we do. We are thrilled that our music theory publishing is now moving into the realm of journals, and we are equally thrilled to partner with the Society of Music Theory on their foremost journal, Music Theory Spectrum. We look forward to developing our longstanding relationship with scholars in the field and exploring ways in which this new alliance will benefit the Society's goals and the future of the discipline."

The Society for Music Theory commented:

"The Society for Music Theory is very pleased that Music Theory Spectrum will begin a new partnership with Oxford University Press as its publisher. The Society selected Oxford University Press because of their proven expertise in publishing journals devoted to musical scholarship, and because of their familiarity with the capabilities of employing new and emerging technology to complement and augment the traditional hard copies of the journal. The new arrangement will provide Spectrum's online readers with advance access to individual finished articles on a dynamic platform, and print readers will enjoy a substantial expansion of content.  We look forward to a successful and exciting partnership!"

OUP will publish MTS beginning in May 2014. For more information about the journal, including subscriptions, article submission guidelines, and how to register for free content alerting services, please visit Music Theory Spectrum on Oxford Journals.   

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