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Despite OUP Canada Reorg it is Business as Usual

Released on April 7, 2014

In a recent reorganization of its Canadian Office, Oxford University Press announced that Geoff Forguson will assume the role of General Manager of OUP Canada.

“There will inevitably be change as a result of this reorganization,” noted Forguson.  “However, we will continue to maintain our office in Toronto as well as our warehouse in Brampton, Ontario.  Our objective now is to grow our presence in the Canadian Higher Education, ELT, and Modern Language markets while also benefitting from the scale and expertise that comes from being an integral part of Oxford’s Global Academic division.  This will mean increased visibility and distribution for our authors, and increased investment in a number of our lists. It also means that Toronto will become a centre of excellence for OUP functions, such as Permissions, where Sandy Cooke will head up the North American permissions clearance operations.”

Key contacts following the reorganization:

General Manager-OUP Canada: Geoff Forguson

Higher Education:
Editorial: Sophia Fortier
Marketing: Frank Mortimer     
Sales: Jay Mellors

Trade/Academic Sales: Kim Craven

Canada/ELT Sales and Editorial: Julie Wade

School Sales and Marketing: Geoff Forguson

Production: Steven Hall

Customer Service: Debbie Zirnis, 800.387.8020

Human Resources: Catherine Belcastro

To contact any of the team above, or for additional information regarding OUP Canada, pls contact Purdy, Director of Publicity, at, 212.726.6032

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