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Dictionaries and Thesauruses

Cover image: Concise Oxford English DictionaryOxford's comprehensive range of dictionaries and thesauruses of current English draws on the largest language research programme in the world, including the Oxford English Corpus and the Oxford Reading Programme, to offer the most accurate and up-to-date picture of English today.



Cover image: Oxford Handbook of Clinical MedicineWith over 45 books now available, the Oxford Handbooks are reliable, practical, and evidence-based.

Oxford Paperback Reference

Cover image: A Dictionary of LawOxford Paperback Reference titles offer an accessible guide to vocabulary within all key subjects. Over 100 titles in the series, all written clearly and concisely by renowned academics.

Very Short Introductions

Cover image: Very Short Introductions Boxed Set150 titles, covering history, philosophy, politics, current affairs, science, religion, and the arts.

Oxford World's Classics

Cover image: Pride and Prejudice"Oxford World's Classics is the world leader in providing the best text of books we all want to read. The ever increasing range of titles is simply staggering" - Professor Denis Walder, Open University

Library Suppliers

The Library Supplier Resources page offers further information on current bestsellers and forthcoming works, keeping Library Suppliers updated on recent academic reference news.

Top 50 Order Forms

For instant access to top 50 bestseller lists, in a variety of subject areas, simply click through on the links below:


The links will lead through to downloadable, print-friendly, Excel order forms.

The order forms are updated regularly and take into account all international sales of OUP titles over the past 12 months. They provide an immediate snap-shot of what is selling well and offer an effective method for enhancing your stock range.

To place an order, simply return the completed order form to:

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Oxford University Press Distribution Services
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Telephone +44(0) 1536 741017 or Fax +44(0)1536 454577

Alternatively, speak to your local OUP rep about the possibility of receiving extra discount.