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Usage Statistics

Oxford University Press provides online usage statistics to customers in accordance with the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 5.

Our COUNTER reports are released on a monthly basis and are available for both Online Products and Journals.

Access your institution's online products and journals usage statistics.

A brief guide on accessing usage statistics can be found here. A video explaining how to use the usage statistics portal can be found here.

For any questions about this service please contact our Customer Service team.

Updates to COUNTER 5 Reporting

We have made some recent changes to improve our usage data. These changes ensure that OUP continues to stay aligned with COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5 guidelines. The following updates will be reflected in our COUNTER reports starting with April 2020 data, with historical data corrected in June 2020:

  • Improved Journals metadata reporting for usage prior to December 2019
    • Usage that currently shows with a year-of-publication (YOP) value of “Unknown” will be allocated to the correct year or “In Press”. Affected reports: JR5 (Release 4) and some variants of TR (Release 5)
    • The proportion of usage that is shown as “Open Access” will increase. Librarians who exclude Open Access usage from their cost-per-download (or similar) calculations will probably see an increase in their cost-per-download. Effected reports: JR1GOA (R4) and some variants of TR (R5)
  • Updated item-level reporting for online products
    • New calculation method for the Unique_Item_Requests and Unique_Item_Investigations metrics so in many cases they will have a different value than the Total_Item_Investigations and Total_Item_Requests.
    • Title-usage metrics are unaffected by these changes.
  • Publisher flag added to Books COUNTER data
    • Previously-blank Publisher values will now show as Oxford University Press or other appropriate value.

COUNTER 5 reporting

In late January 2019, Oxford University Press began to provide usage statistics that are compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 5. These new reports are designed to be clearer, more flexible, and more consistent. We have provided answers to frequently asked questions on our change to COUNTER Release 5 usage reports.

COUNTER has produced The Friendly Guide to Release 5 for Librarians, which is an accessible introduction to the new reports. For more information, you can also read Release 5 of the Code of Practice in full on the COUNTER website.

Access your institution's usage statistics

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