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Oxford University Press provides online usage statistics to customers in accordance with the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 5.

Our COUNTER reports are released on a monthly basis and are available for both Online Products and Journals.

COUNTER 5 reporting

In late January 2019, Oxford University Press began to provide usage statistics that are compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 5. These new reports are designed to be clearer, more flexible, and more consistent. We have provided answers to frequently asked questions on our change to COUNTER Release 5 usage reports.

COUNTER has produced The Friendly Guide to Release 5 for Librarians, which is an accessible introduction to the new reports. For more information, you can also read Release 5 of the Code of Practice in full on the COUNTER website.

Oxford Art Online (including Grove Art Online and Benezit Dictionary of Artists), Oxford Music Online (including Grove Music Online), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, American National Biography, Who's Who, and Who Was Who customers
Please be aware that following the December 2017 migration to a new platform and product architecture, customers may expect to see year-on-year fluctuations and changes to usage reporting. If you have questions about your usage report, please speak with your OUP representative. Customers based in the Americas can reach a representative at Outside of the Americas, please contact

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A brief guide on accessing usage statistics can be found here.

For any questions about this service please contact our Customer Service team.